Denovati SMART Resources

Best Practices Guidance for Digital Engagement

Denovati’s SMART Resources have been created by Denovati’s founder, associates, and guest contributors and include articles, white papers, research reports, images, and other materials that provide both conceptual and tactical Digital Era guidance for individuals and organizations. They address relevant trends and issues, platforms and tools, and other Digital Era realities and phenomena, and are organized into categories based on their focus.

Denovati SMART Articles are the primary means by which we introduce and disseminate SMART Resources. SMART Articles explore Digital Era topics from both conceptual and tactical perspectives, focusing on opportunities as well as challenges. They offer thought leadership on the applications and implications of social and digital technologies in organizations, in addition to sharing best practices and how-to guidance. They are primarily targeted to organizational leaders and others who are in the early stages of climbing their digital technology learning curves; however, people with more advanced knowledge can also benefit from the ideas conveyed.

Leadership Considerations

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