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Thoughts and Guidance on Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn effectively is a never-ending challenge for both individuals and organizations. If you think it's just you, rest assured you're not alone. Here are links to SMART Articles that address the complexities of three LinkedIn features: company pages, the activity stream, and LinkedIn groups. Access to additional LinkedIn and social media resources is also provided.

Can We Measure Social Media Sophistication? If So, How?

Can we validly and reliably measure social media sophistication? In Part 2 of a two-part essay, I share my perspective on the challenges in trying to create a universal measure, and offer some thoughts on what a tool to measure social media sophistication might include. The thoughts and perspectives of others are welcome.

Should We Try to Measure Social Media Sophistication?

Should there be a scientific measure of social media sophistication? In Part 1 of a two-part essay, I share my perspective on whether understanding social media sophistication is important and whether there’s value in trying to create a universal measure to assess it. The perspective of others is welcome.

Can LinkedIn Groups be Saved? 7+ Things LinkedIn can Do

Today's LinkedIn groups don’t offer as much unique value as they could – or should. Can they be saved? Maybe. Much will depend on group managers and individual members, but there are a number of things LinkedIn itself can do to enhance their usefulness and value. This article shares some of my recommendations. I'd love to hear yours as well.

LinkedIn Activity: Trying to Manage the Virtually Unmanageable

This article attempts to help intermediate and advanced LinkedIn users understand how their LinkedIn activity is broadcast and shared with other users, and provides recommendations for the best approaches to managing that activity within LinkedIn's constraints. It provides a comparable assessment and recommendations for filtering and managing other people's LinkedIn activity as well.

LinkedIn Company Pages: A Worthwhile Investment?

LinkedIn Company Pages once held a lot of promise, but their value has becoming increasingly limited over time. Most organizations can now probably either live without them or restrict their usage to a simple organizational profile. This article assesses the past and current state of the feature and offers guidance on the most practical ways to leverage it. (September 23, 2014)

Social Media Screening: Guidance for Individuals and Organizations

Social media screening (aka social screening) has become a common practice among recruiters and hiring managers, as well as some coaches and college admissions offices. This white paper consolidates and updates previously shared guidance about this practice, providing recommendations for both individuals and organizations. It is primarily focused on job candidates and employers, but it can be applied to students, athletes, admissions offices and coaches as well.(August 13, 2014)

Social Media Policies and More: Managing Digital Era Risks

A presentation at SHRM's Annual Conference and Exposition offered guidance for managing Digital Era risks beyond developing and implementing social media policies. In addition to providing greater perspective on the risks to be managed, the presentation included specific guidance for HR professionals and other organizational leaders to develop and update relevant policies, provide training and communication, and ensure approaches remain current.

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