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Digital Leadership Education: Has Its Time Finally Come?

Recent opportunities for The Denovati Group may be an indication that we’re finally approaching a tipping point when it comes to digital leadership education, training that can help current and aspiring leaders at all levels better prepare themselves for today’s digital realities and their digital futures. In this article I underscore the need for these programs and offer some thoughts on what they should include and how they should be delivered.

Getting Your Digital House in Order in 2016

Another new year has begun. Is your digital house in order? The Denovati Group can help. In this piece we share updated guidance on digital resolutions that people should make - and keep! - in 2016. Through our Digital Coaching and SMART Solutions consulting services, we can enable both individuals and organizations reach their goals by leveraging social and digital technology more efficiently and effectively.

Thoughts and Guidance on Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn effectively is a never-ending challenge for both individuals and organizations. If you think it's just you, rest assured you're not alone. Here are links to SMART Articles that address the complexities of three LinkedIn features: company pages, the activity stream, and LinkedIn groups. Access to additional LinkedIn and social media resources is also provided.

New Dimensions of Leadership for the Digital Era

There are five new dimensions of leadership necessary for success in the Digital Era. This article provides a summary of these dimensions, along with related action items. A fuller description of the dimensions and recommendations is available via TD Magazine, in both text and audio (podcast) formats.

Thoughts and Guidance on Digital Era Careers

Graduation season often inspires people to contemplate what the next chapter in their own lives should be, including reflecting on their careers to determine how well equipped they are for the future and whether (and how) they need to change course. Here's a quick reference to Denovati SMART articles and related pieces that offer guidance on how to manage a career in the Digital Era, including searching for jobs.

The Digital Transformation of Business Functions

As organizations become digital enterprises, various business functions – and the professionals who work in them – will be digitally transformed as well. External applications of social and digital technologies like marketing and sales are just the tip of the iceberg. Internal applications and implications will be far more extensive and significant, and virtually all functions and jobs will have a digital dimension to them. This essay offers food for thought and examples along these lines…

We’re All Becoming Tech Workers… And We Need to Be Ready

As the Digital Era continues to progress and social and digital technologies become more fully integrated into not just the work we do, but how we do it, there's an increasing need for all workers to be digitally literate and competent. Here are some of the things organizations, organizational leaders, and individuals can and should do to increase current capabilities and lay a foundation for ongoing growth and development.

LinkedIn Activity: Trying to Manage the Virtually Unmanageable

This article attempts to help intermediate and advanced LinkedIn users understand how their LinkedIn activity is broadcast and shared with other users, and provides recommendations for the best approaches to managing that activity within LinkedIn's constraints. It provides a comparable assessment and recommendations for filtering and managing other people's LinkedIn activity as well.

Technology-Focused Career Options for Women: Virtually Limitless

Framing digital technology as a means to an end rather than an end unto itself can help girls and young women in particular realize the diversity of career options for women available in the Digital Era. This knowledge can in turn encourage them to pursue areas of study and choose professional paths that combine topics about which they're passionate and knowledgeable with technology.

Women in Technology: Promoting a Broader Perspective

For many, the notion of "women in technology" is focused on computer science and the tech industry. Should the definition be so narrow? Do we really want to send the message to girls and young women that aspiring to be coders and tech entrepreneurs is the best (or only) way they can make a professional contribution in the Digital Era? This essay offers a broader perspective.

Job Search in the Digital Age

In the Digital Age, professionals must provide the same level of care and attention to their professional identities in cyberspace as they do to their presence and reputation in the physical world, especially when they are looking for their next career opportunity. Job search in the Digital Age requires establishing and managing a digital professional brand, defining personal and professional boundaries and protecting one's privacy, leveraging digital tools and technology to achieve goals, and bridging the physical and digital worlds. (August 19, 2014)

Social Media Screening: Guidance for Individuals and Organizations

Social media screening (aka social screening) has become a common practice among recruiters and hiring managers, as well as some coaches and college admissions offices. This white paper consolidates and updates previously shared guidance about this practice, providing recommendations for both individuals and organizations. It is primarily focused on job candidates and employers, but it can be applied to students, athletes, admissions offices and coaches as well.(August 13, 2014)

Digital Property is Real Property: 5 Ways to Treat it That Way

Recognizing and respecting that digital property is in fact "real" property requires organizations to (1) make sure they own their own domain name(s) and lay claim to related social media properties, (2) require all official email be sent via domain-linked accounts, (3) take cybersecurity seriously, (4) maintain a presentable web presence, and (5) create policies and procedures (and commit necessary resources) to maintain digital property in the best possible condition at all times. (August 9, 2014)

Dressing for Success in Cyberspace: Give Yourself a Digital Make-Over

You pride yourself on your professional appearance and demeanor. You strive to create and maintain a strong identity and reputation within your organization, with your clients and peers, and in your industry. But are you as diligent a custodian of your professional brand in cyberspace as you are in the physical world? If not, you probably need a digital make-over… This article helps you dress for success in cyberspace by providing guidance for critiquing, updating, and maintaining your digital presence to convey a positive professional identity in all aspects of your career. (March 16, 2014)

Social and Digital Technology Trends: 9 Take-Aways for YOU

The evolution of social and digital technologies proceeds unabated. We continue to witness dramatic changes, and it’s safe to say that the anticipated changes promise to be equally profound. Even if you don’t consider yourself an early adopter or are a digital Luddite, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the impact of these changes both personally and professionally. This post offers nine bottom-line insights about what technology trends mean for both individuals and organizations.

Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile II: 7 More Tasks and 23+ Tips

Building on an earlier post - 7 Simple To Dos for Rookies to Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile – this piece offers additional guidance to help professionals upgrade their LinkedIn profiles. It describes seven tasks that can be tackled in one sitting or over several sessions. These tasks include adding digital links, creating a summary and adding specialties, selecting representative skills and expertise, and customizing one’s public profile. Each task includes specific tips that reflect best practices and/or maximize the profile’s potential effectiveness.

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