Business Strategy and Development Services

It’s Your Mountain to Climb. But having a Sherpa can Help.

As the Digital Era continues to progress, the potentially disruptive effects of new social and digital technologies can seem very threatening to organizations and industries. Although many technology advances do present “competence destroying” challenges, they can also produce “competence enhancing” and “competence extending” opportunities. These challenges and opportunities aren’t limited to an organization’s primary strategic focus, however. There are countless less dramatic changes and smaller impacts that leaders must consider as they strive to optimize their approaches to key activities like generating revenue, enhancing relationships with stakeholders, identifying new business opportunities, and attracting and retaining talent.

Most busy professionals don’t have either the time or the technological sophistication to engage in the kinds of environmental scanning and deep-dive analysis that enables them to understand evolving social and digital technologies and anticipate their potential impact.

We can help. Our Business Strategy and Development services range from informal advice and counsel to formal strategic planning initiatives. Working with your team and external service providers, we provide both direct services and “over-the-shoulder” consulting, with project-based, retainer and hourly fees.

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To learn more about our social media and digital technology expertise, check out our SMART Resources.

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