Strategic and Tactical Guidance

Leaders are responsible for determining the strategic direction of their organizations. Most of the decisions they have to make fall within their areas of expertise, but increasingly in the Digital Era they must consider opportunities and challenges that are outside their individual and organizational core competencies. Specifically, many don’t have the technological sophistication to engage in the kinds of environmental scanning and deep-dive analysis that enables them to understand evolving technologies, anticipate their potential impact, and develop a viable approach to pursuing opportunities and tackling challenges. And as busy professionals, they don’t have the time to come up to speed quickly.

When making digitally-oriented decisions – especially those that involve significant changes and/or venturing into new territory – incorporating an outsider’s perspective and/or using an external facilitator is well advised. Doing so can enhance the likelihood of success by limiting biases and anchoring effects, providing expertise that may be lacking internally, adding awareness of larger trends both within and across industries, and sharing best practices from other organizations.

We can help your group or organization maximize its ability to define, pursue, and achieve its goals and objectives. We specialize in the applications and implications of evolving social and digital technologies; however, the same underlying principles and guidance can be applied to broader concerns relating to business development, human capital management, and internal and external communication.

Services and Fees

We provide advice and counsel and strategic planning facilitation services to leaders in both large and small organizations, from start-ups to established firms, in a wide range of industries.

Strategic and Tactical Guidance services are typically provided informally, on an ad hoc basis, either on the phone, in person, or via email, video or online meeting. The agenda is usually defined by the client, based on the issues and questions that are most pressing to them. Sessions can be conducted with individual leaders, leadership teams, and/or divisions and work groups.

Fees are usually specified in terms of monthly retainers for ongoing advice and counsel. Hourly rate arrangements can also be made. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements; however, most services can be provided remotely.

Strategic Planning Facilitation services are typically provided in person with small groups, and can range from half-day to multiple-day sessions. One full day, with a mix of presentation and discussion, is most common. For more complex efforts that require multiple days, it’s generally recommended that the days be spaced out to allow time between sessions to digest ideas, gather feedback from others, conduct research, etc. The session agenda is defined jointly with the client, based on the overarching opportunity or challenge they want to address.

Fees are usually specified as half-day or daily rates and include preparation, delivery, and follow-up. Retainers are also available for ongoing facilitation. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements.

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