Social Media Platforms and Related Tools

We regularly offer guidance that helps individuals and organizations leverage specific social media platforms and other digital channels, as well as related digital tools, more effectively. These SMART Resources, organized into the categories listed below, are intended to help achieve marketing, branding, business development, and career management objectives.


All professionals know they should be on LinkedIn, but many of them still have anemic profiles and/or don’t know how to leverage the platform effectively. We have created a variety of resources to help people climb the necessary learning curves more efficiently and effectively. Some of these resources cover the basics (e.g., building your profile), whereas others address less well-known features of the platform (e.g., using the bookmarklet).


Many professionals still don’t “get” Twitter, and as a result they’re reluctant to join the platform and/or engage on it. We have created a variety of resources specifically targeted to Twitter rookies, but more experienced users can find them beneficial as well. Some of these resources cover the basics (e.g., setting up a profile), whereas others address more advanced topics (e.g., how to use Twitter hashtags).


Pinterest for professional purposes? It’s not as preposterous as it sounds! We have had great success with the platform, which has developed into one of our most active and content-rich channels. To help other organizations see the value in leveraging Pinterest themselves, we have developed a number of articles focused on Pinterest management.

Other Platforms and Tools

In addition to in-depth guidance on some of the most useful platforms for professional purposes, we also periodically offer high-level guidance about other platforms and related tools that could be a valuable part of an individual’s or organization’s digital engagement strategy and tactics.

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