Denovati SMART Library

A Curated Collection of High Quality, Substantive Digital Era Resources

Over the years we have collected some great material and developed a fairly large inventory of high quality, substantive resources that address the impact of social and digital technologies on individuals, organizations, economies and societies, both now and in the future. These pieces reflect the best of the best – the best organizations, best thinkers, best insights, best models, best practices, etc. They’re worth investing time to read and study, and worth preserving for future reference.

As part of our mission to help individuals and organizations succeed in the Digital Era, we’ve established the SMART Library as a repository to store and share this material. The SMART Library complements our collection of SMART Resources, which are the materials we’ve created to provide Digital Era insights and guidance. The resources in the SMART Library are organized into the categories below. For each library item we provide a brief summary and link to the original source. All the resources are free; however, some require contact information to access.

We’re just getting started stocking the shelves, so to speak, so please check back regularly to see what’s been added. You can also help us make the SMART Library the best it can be by letting us know of additional resources and/or categories we should add.

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