Denovati SMART Learning

Digital Literacy is the Key to Digital Era Success

As the Digital Era continues to progress, the effective use of social and digital technologies is increasingly critical to the success of both individuals and organizations. For many, however, the pace of technological change is outstripping their capabilities, and they’re finding it increasingly hard to keep up. As a result, we’re seeing a new Digital Divide emerge – one that’s not based on lack of access and resources, but on lack of knowledge and use. With more technology being integrated into the activities of workers at all levels, organizations must assess the digital competencies of their employees and take action to upgrade them through both formal and informal learning programs.

We can help. Our SMART Learning services range from small-scale informal services like digital coaching to large-scale curriculum design and delivery initiatives. Working independently, with your team, and/or with external service providers, we provide both direct services and “over-the-shoulder” consulting, with project-based, retainer and hourly fees.

SMART = Social Media And Related Technologies

Food for thought: The need for digital literacy and enhanced digital competencies is particularly important for current and prospective leaders in organizations. Higher levels of technological sophistication will enable them to better identify both opportunities and threats, determine strategic direction, develop tactical plans, and communicate and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders.

In fact, professionals in all disciplines must be prepared for their future careers by receiving education and training that highlights the “digital dimension” of their professional identities, from both career management and job performance perspectives.

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