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As part of our SMART Resources, Denovati SMART Articles are the primary means by which we share thought leadership on the applications and implications of social and digital technologies in organizations. These articles are primarily targeted to organizational leaders and others who are in the early stages of climbing their digital technology learning curves. People with more advanced knowledge can also benefit from the ideas conveyed, in addition to adding their own expertise and perspectives by commenting on specific pieces and contributing their own content.

Denovati SMART Articles explore Digital Era topics from both conceptual and tactical perspectives, focusing on opportunities as well as challenges. We strive to share best practices and how-to guidance whenever possible. Topical categories include digital transformation, Digital Era leadership, digital literacy, social and digital engagement, human capital management, website optimization, and more.

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Denovati SMART Articles have been republished and featured on:

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Founder Courtney Hunt’s insights have also been published by the Association for Talent Development, Which-50 and a wide range of other websites and blogs.


Denovati SMART Articles evolved from the SMART Blog, which began in February 2010, on the Social Media in Organizations Community (SMinOrgs) website (as the S.M.A.R.T. Blog). In the spirit of our digital community, the name was proposed by member Denise Bundgaard and selected via a group vote.

When we developed the Denovati identity, we decided to keep the original blog name because it was still inclusive of all digital technologies, not just social media. We also liked the idea that it reinforced the importance of leveraging social and digital technologies in smart ways.

In addition to retaining the name, we have maintained our original commitment to providing high quality content that increases people’s digital competencies and enhances the ability of both individuals and organizations to be successful in the Digital Era.

Newest SMART Articles

  • New Year… New Chapter

    New Year… New Chapter

    This year I will begin a new chapter in my professional life. I’m not exactly sure how it will unfold, but I am working on making room to pursue new opportunities by scaling back on my commitment to Denovati.

  • Season’s Greetings!

    Season’s Greetings!

    Here’s wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and good fortune in the New Year.

  • 5 Digital Success Tips for a Prosperous 2017

    5 Digital Success Tips for a Prosperous 2017

    Organizations that are guided by five key digital success tips will increase their digital performance in 2017. These tips include: understanding your present digital situation, optimizing your digital team and tools, focusing on the top 20% of digital optimization opportunities, controlling production and workflow, and leveraging the right analytics. Taking our free Digital Status Assessment is a great way to get started. (by Internet Advisory Board)

  • Digital Leadership Education: Has Its Time Finally Come?

    Digital Leadership Education: Has Its Time Finally Come?

    Recent opportunities for The Denovati Group may be an indication that we’re finally approaching a tipping point when it comes to digital leadership education, training that can help current and aspiring leaders at all levels better prepare themselves for today’s digital realities and their digital futures. In this article I underscore the need for these programs and offer some thoughts on what they should include and how they should be delivered.