Denovati Service Differentiators

Denovati Digital’s SMART Solutions and SMART Learning offerings are distinguished by a set of service differentiators that emphasize clients’ needs and budgets and enable us to work collaboratively with them to quickly produce high-quality, reliable, and valuable results that emphasize both efficiency and effectiveness.

Client Focused in Action, not just Words

We’re here to help. Period. We don’t think that employing hard sales tactics or pushing people is in anyone’s best interests. In our experience, when buyers are ready to buy, they buy, and no amount of communication from us is going to change that. We give individuals and organizations the information they need to decide whether our expertise and efforts are worth investing in and make ourselves available for follow-up questions, but then generally leave them alone to make a decision whether to move forward.

We pride ourselves on providing “big firm” services without the big prices. Our expertise is comparable to what can be found at name-brand consultancies, but our lower overhead, lean and agile operating principles, use of advanced digital technologies, and remote service delivery – as well as our flexible pricing and propensity to respect your money as if it was our own – keep project costs in check. Lower project costs, in turn, increase the potential return on investment for various initiatives.

We approach all projects as a partner rather than acting as a “hired gun.” Emphasizing the latest tools and technologies, we strive to educate, empower, and emancipate our clients so they can continue the work we start together as independently as possible. We are happy to provide direct services, but are even happier to serve in an advisory capacity by providing “over-the-shoulder” consulting and advice and counsel.

Although each project type involves standard activities, all our services are customized to reflect an organization’s unique cultural and operating characteristics, its industry, and key stakeholders, as well as its goals and objectives and the availability and skill levels of both internal and external resources.

Strategic Thinking, Tactical Execution

Unlike specialists and niche players, who may know a lot about a narrowly-defined subject, we pride ourselves on having wide-ranging multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise that enable us to approach organizational challenges in an integrated, holistic fashion. For small and medium sized organizations in particular, leveraging our expertise is a great way to create and manage digital engagement and transformation strategies.

We are vigilant about staying current with what’s happening in the tech industry and the opportunities and challenges created by digital trends. We are also diligent about keeping up with changes in various social and digital tools, platforms, and software solutions, as well as related best practices. These commitments enable us to help clients quickly identify the best technology solutions for their needs and determine the optimal approaches to deploying and maintaining them.

Once a project has been defined and agreed to, we jump in, work hard, and see things through to completion using the highest professional standards. We value collaboration and pride ourselves on establishing productive working relationships with both clients and related service providers. We are skilled at incorporating the perspectives of relevant stakeholders, as well as balancing rational analysis with creativity, and idealism with pragmatism. We believe in accomplishments and avoid unnecessary delays and analysis paralysis.

We believe quality trumps quantity, and we abide by a “less is more” philosophy that minimizes jumping on bandwagons and trends or committing to courses of action that aren’t sustainable. We also believe that “quality is economy,” which means the cheapest alternatives aren’t necessarily the lowest cost solutions in the short term.

Pragmatic Perspective

We are big believers in pursuing the opportunities and benefits that social and digital technologies present, and we strive to develop solutions that leverage technology to the fullest. This drive is tempered by a recognition of risks, challenges, and other obstacles to change many organizations have to contend with, however. We avoid judgment and believe in working with organizations as they are, rather than as some idealistic standard says they should be.

We help identify the pros and cons of various alternatives, offer our opinions, and make recommendations based on our expertise, but we don’t push clients into specific courses of action, vendors or service providers. The ultimate decisions about how to move forward and with whom are always theirs.

We fundamentally believe that all organizations can benefit from integrating social and digital technologies throughout their operations to reflect Digital Era realities and best practices rather than continuing to be driven by outdated Industrial Era thinking, standards, and models. That said, we recognize that digital transformation is a long-term effort that requires laying out a roadmap and taking a crawl-walk-run approach. We won’t force any client to move forward with a specific change until they’re ready.

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