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The Organization of the Future Started Yesterday

In spite of all the media hype, consumer-oriented and customer-focused applications of social media and other digital technologies are just the tip of the iceberg. Internal applications and implications will be far more significant as the Digital Era continues to evolve.

Social software technologies and platforms – in conjunction with mobile technology, big data/analytics, and cloud computing – will permeate every functional area in organizations, enhancing communication and collaboration and optimizing knowledge management, business intelligence, learning, and human capital management efforts. The potential digital transformation opportunities are virtually limitless.

As are the challenges. New technologies create new risks, and organizational leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to anticipate, understand, and manage them. They must also consider optimal governance structures and address a wide range of human capital management implications.

Most busy professionals don’t have either the time or the technological sophistication to adequately address either the opportunities or challenges new technologies present. We can help. Our Organizational Development services range from informal advice and counsel to formal software implementation and change management initiatives. Working independently, with your team, and/or with external service providers, we provide both direct services and “over-the-shoulder” consulting, with project-based, retainer and hourly fees.

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To learn more about our social media and digital technology expertise, check out our SMART Resources.

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