Digital Era Leadership Development

What does it mean to be a leader in the Digital Era? Is it the same as every preceding era? If it is different, are those differences subtle or substantive? And what will effective leadership look like as the Digital Era continues to progress? We’ve been exploring questions like these since 2011, and we’ve discovered that they fall into three major categories:

  • The fiduciary responsibility top leaders and boards of directors have to ensure organizations pursue new opportunities and manage risks
  • The characteristics that leaders must demonstrate to maximize their effectiveness, and how those characteristics are qualitatively different in the Digital Era
  • Whether and to what extent leaders should be directly engaged with social and digital technologies, both externally and internally

Digital Era Leadership Development is an important consideration for organizations of all types, and for leaders at virtually all career stages. Assuming that mid to late career leaders are somehow exempt because they aren’t “digital natives” and/or that early career professionals will naturally evolve into effective Digital Era leaders reflects sub-optimal thinking at best, and could have dire consequences for both individuals and organizations.

Although it must continue to reflect established best practices, Digital Era Leadership Development must also incorporate qualitatively different elements that reflect today’s realities and tomorrow’s inevitabilities.

Services and Fees

We take a multi-generational approach to leadership development that assumes technological sophistication and digital literacy should be states of mind rather than artifacts of one’s chronological age. Focusing in particular on future trends, operating realities and strategic imperatives, we help leaders develop the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to determine the best possible direction, make the highest-quality decisions and allocate the proper resources for their groups and organizations.

Our Digital Era Leadership Development services are customized to each client’s needs, and are similar to the broader services we offer. For example, we can provide services like those listed under Business Strategy and Development and Human Capital Management, with a specific focus on topics like leadership development and succession planning. And of course our Digital Coaching and Digital Literacy Training services can also be framed in leadership development terms.

Fees are usually specified as fixed rates based on the definition, scope and complexity of a project. Retainers are also available for ongoing advice and counsel. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements; however, many services can be provided remotely.

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