The Denovati Digital Network

The Denovati Digital Network

The Denovati Digital Network is built around The Denovati Group’s website, which directly incorporates our SMART SolutionsSMART Resources, and SMART Learning offerings, and provides access to the Denovati SMART Courses learning platform. We also have a strong presence on a variety of social and digital channels, details for which are provided in the sections below.

This diagram provides an at-a-glance view of the most active components of the Denovati Digital Network, using the visual metaphor of a solar system. The center of our digital universe is our website(s), and the social media platforms are like planets. The different sizes of the “planets” generally reflect the prominence of the platform in our overall engagement system, based on both number of members/followers and degree of activity.

You can learn more about the Denovati Digital Network by taking self-guided tours through each of our websites and by reviewing the social platform information provided below. If you’d like to access a platform directly, just click on its icon.

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We’re constantly refining our digital engagement. Check out this news update to learn more.

Denovati SMART Blog The SMART Blog


The Denovati SMART Blog offers high-quality content at a manageable pace of 1 to 3 posts per week. These posts address issues of greatest concern to Digital Era pioneers and rookies, from the strategic to the tactical and the conceptual to the practical.

If you want to stay current with our content and be notified of new SMART blog posts as soon as they’re published, please subscribe to the blog.

The Denovati SMART* Blog is the main channel through which we share thought leadership on the applications and implications of social media and other digital technologies in organizations. It is primarily targeted to organizational leaders and others who are in the early stages of climbing their digital technology learning curves. People with more advanced knowledge can also benefit from the ideas conveyed, in addition to adding their own expertise and perspectives by commenting on specific posts and contributing their own content.

Topical categories include applications of new technologies, best practices guidance, conceptual and tactical challenges, human capital management, individual engagement and professional development, leadership, marketing and branding, and strategy development and implementation.

SMART Blog posts are written by The Denovati Group’s Founder, Courtney Shelton Hunt, as well as guest authors. Visit the SMART Blog Posts page and search the Category, Tag, and Blogger archives to get a sense of the kinds of content we create.

*SMART = Social Media And Related Technologies

Date Established: February 2010 (via SMinOrgs)

Many of the posts on the Denovati SMART Blog have been reposted and highlighted by organizations like Social Media Today, GovLoop, and Recruiting Blogs, in addition to being shared by countless individuals via LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels. Our content is also syndicated through sites like Business2Community and the UVa Global Network.

Our most popular blog posts tend to be “how to” advice targeted to Digital Era rookies, but our big-picture thinking also has significant appeal.


The Denovati LinkedIn Group Social Media and Digital Technology: Opportunities and Challenges


In the “too much information/too little time” world we live in, it’s great to have a place where you can learn from and interact with other professionals who share your interests in optimizing social and digital technologies. The Denovati LinkedIn group offers that and more.

  • Access to high-quality, peer-curated content addressing a variety of Digital Era issues impacting individuals, organizations, economies and societies
  • Ability to ask and answer questions and engage in dialogue
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded peers

If you are not currently a member of the Denovati LinkedIn group, please check it out and join!

If you are unable to join the LI group but would still like to keep abreast of our activity, you can follow Denovati via our Company Page and/or join Founder Courtney Shelton Hunt’s LI network.

Social Media and Digital Technology: Opportunities and Challenges provides a forum for exploring the best available thinking and practices regarding the applications and implications of social and digital technologies for both individuals and organizations. Specifically, it provides access to peer-curated articles, white papers, blog entries, presentations, videos, and discussions, as well as information about relevant webinars and other events.

In January 2014, we switched the group from members-only to open, which means that all discussions are viewable and shareable on the open Web. Individuals must join the group, however, to contribute to those discussions and add their own items. We continue to maintain our quality standards by moderating all content to ensure it conforms to our posting rules.

Membership: 4200+ (as of June 2014).

Member Map: Check out our custom Member Map to get a sense of how global and diverse the group’s membership is. The map shows where folks resided when they joined the LinkedIn group. We have over 90 countries represented, including a few places that might surprise you (Faroe Islands, anyone?!).

Date Established: May 21, 2009

In addition to the LinkedIn group, we also have a Company Page.

As active users of LinkedIn, we’ve written a number of guides to help both individuals and organizations leverage it more effectively. You can find them here.

Notable Activity: LinkedIn rates the group as “very active” and it ranks very high in a variety of group searches. The engagement of folks in the group, which started to blossom in the fall of 2011, remains impressive. With over 100 discussions and other items shared by dozens of members each month, both the quantity and quality of content continue to be excellent.

Notable Members: The group includes several well-known authors and thought leaders, such as Jeanne Meister, Mark Fidelman, Marcia Conner and Jamie Notter. We’re honored to have them.

Notable Feedback: We have received lots of positive feedback – both private and public – from members of the group. Ellen Levy, a Silicon Valley Innovation, Social Networking and Technology Executive who was the former Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at LinkedIn, has been one of our strongest supporters. She regularly refers people to the group and wrote the following testimonial on (the now defunct) LI company products page:

SMinOrg’s group on LinkedIn is one of the four groups on LinkedIn that I *always* get value from! The community and collective insight is great (which I firmly believe is in large part attributable to Courtney’s approach and expertise).


@Denovati Twitter


For busy professionals, following a Twitter account with a strong signal:noise ratio can be invaluable. @Denovati offers a steady but not overwhelming stream of high quality content.

If you want a steady but not overwhelming stream of high quality content without a lot of noise, we welcome you to follow @Denovati.

The Denovati Twitter account is primarily used as a news feed, sharing content from the LinkedIn group and the Denovati SMART Blog, as well as organizational updates, on a regular schedule each weekday. We sometimes use the account for live tweeting of events, and we answer direct questions and thank people, but we generally do not engage in a lot of Twitter chatter.

Followers: 2900+ (as of June 2014)

Date Established: June 3, 2009

As active users of Twitter, we’ve written a number of guides to help both individuals and organizations leverage it more effectively as a professional tool. You can find them here.

Denovati’s Twitter followers include several well-known thought leaders, including Charlene Li (@charleneli) and Erik Qualman (@equalman). We’re big fans of both of them and appreciate their recognition and support.


Denovati SMART Blog Email Missives


Low volume, high quality! For folks who are too time constrained and/or overwhelmed by work and/or life, our monthly missives are an excellent way to catch up on The Denovati Group’s activities, initiatives, and content.

If you want to keep up with The Denovati Group but prefer less frequent updates, please join our mailing list.

Every three to four weeks we send out email blasts in which we share recent content (e.g., from the Denovati SMART Blog), provide updates on Denovati Group activities, announce events and special offers, and solicit input and feedback on various initiatives. Check out the Denovati Email Archive to get a sense of the types of emails we send.

Subscribers: 9400+ (as of June 2014)

Date Established: December 2009


Denovati SlideShare channel SlideShare


Slide decks, which comprise most of our SlideShare content, are a great way to access guidance and tactical tips without having to invest a great deal of time. Many of them include related resources that allow you to take a deeper dive into specific topics about which you’d like to learn more.

If you want to stay current with our content and be notified as soon as we upload new items, just follow our SlideShare channel.

The Denovati SlideShare channel is primarily used to share original content: presentation decks, photo essays, white papers, videos and other documents.

As with our blog posts, people are mainly drawn to the practical and tactical guidance we share.

Date Established: May 3, 2010 (original SMinOrgs channel)

Our Denovati channel is still relatively new, but we’ve already had over 18,000 views of our 25+ pieces of content (as of June 2014). Although we promote the content via our other social media channels, most of it is found by folks conducting relevant searches on SlideShare itself.

Several times in 2012 we were notified by SlideShare that one of the decks on our original SMinOrgs channel was “trending hot” on LinkedIn or Facebook and was featured on the SlideShare home page.


Denovati Pinterest boards Pinterest


Everyone seems to love visual content, and our Pinterest boards are full of it! In addition to the expected content (i.e., infographics), we also share a lot of original, humorous and more unusual material. It’s a great place to have a little Digital Era snack.

We really are having a lot of fun on Pinterest! We’d love for you to join us by following one or more of our boards.

We established our Pinterest presence in the spring of 2012 after discovering that other people were sharing our original content on their own boards. Although our initial motivation may have been “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” we quickly fell in love with the platform and its possibilities.

We use Pinterest to share original images and other Denovati content in addition to sharing content created by others. Our most popular boards are IT InfographicsDigital Engagement and Technology Ticklers, but we’re big fans of our more unusual boards like Very Modern Media and Life in the Digital Era too.

We pin/repin several pieces of content each weekday, in addition to engaging with other Pinners.

Key Statistics: 750+ Followers, 19 Boards, 1900+ pins (as of June 2014)

Date Established: April 2012

As active users of Pinterest, we’ve written a number of guides to help both individuals and organizations leverage it more effectively as a professional tool (yes, it’s really not just about weddings, crafts, recipes and travel!). You can find them here.