Digital Literacy Training

Even though we’re in at least the seventh decade of the Digital Era, many (most?) people are digital rookies – especially when it comes to the use of social and digital technologies in their work lives. They lack the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively leverage the tools available to enable them to function more efficiently and effectively at work.

But how in the world are they going to acquire them? With ever-present time constraints, it seems virtually impossible to develop an effective LIY (Learn It Yourself) approach. And asking a “digital native” for help can not only be awkward, it is unlikely to be effective for several reasons:

  • Their own skills are often overstated. Although they are natural consumers of digital media, they aren’t necessarily adept at creating and disseminating content using social and digital tools.
  • Even if they have relatively strong knowledge and skills, their lack of work experience and business acumen makes it challenging for them to apply that expertise in a professional context.
  • What may seem obvious and intuitive to them is generally neither to someone who hasn’t spent much time with digital technology and hasn’t developed a “hacker” mentality.

What digital rookies need is Digital Literacy training that recognizes their foundational knowledge and builds from there. We provide both standard and custom training programs. Through formal instruction, discussions and hands-on guidance, we help novices in particular begin to climb their digital learning curves efficiently and effectively. We also help them develop a pragmatic approach to continuous learning and skill development by emphasizing concepts and underlying logic, not just “how to” steps. Doing so increases the likelihood of skill transference and lays a foundation for future self-directed learning.

Services and Fees

We offer a number of standard Digital Literacy Training courses and can also create customized programs to meet the specific needs of a group or organization.

These programs can be delivered in person, online through our proprietary SMART Courses learning platform, or via an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). We can also deliver hybrid programs blending in-person and online learning.

Our SMART Courses platform offers the benefits of text-based books, video tutorials, self-paced learning, and group-based instructor-led coaching in a single package.

Sessions focus on both external and internal communication and engagement, and can range from 90 minute instructions on specific tools or topics to multiple-day training courses. The training agendas are defined jointly with the client, based on the particular technological challenges their employees are having. We can also develop and deliver train-the-trainer programs.

Fees are usually specified on a course basis, and vary depending on degree of customization and method of delivery. Retainers are also available for ongoing updates and advice and counsel for clients who want to deliver the Digital Literacy training themselves.

This service can be provided independently or in conjunction with our Digital Coaching services.

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