Digital Coaching

Many (most?) organizational leaders and senior professionals are digital rookies. Although they may have accepted that social media and other digital technologies are not simply fads, and they recognize the potential value in leveraging them, they have not yet translated their thoughts into significant action. One of the biggest barriers these professionals face in moving forward is their lack of knowledge and skills. But how in the world are they going to acquire them? With ever-present time constraints, it seems virtually impossible to develop an effective LIY (Learn It Yourself) approach. And asking a “digital native” for help can not only be awkward, it is unlikely to be effective for several reasons:

  • Their own skills are often overstated. Although they are natural consumers of digital media, they aren’t necessarily adept at creating and disseminating content using social and digital tools.
  • Even if they have relatively strong knowledge and skills, their lack of work experience and business acumen makes it challenging for them to apply that expertise in a professional context.
  • What may seem obvious and intuitive to them is generally neither to someone who hasn’t spent much time with digital technology and hasn’t developed a “hacker” mentality.

Digital coaching can help. As a senior professional herself, Denovati’s Founder and Principal Courtney Hunt provides both conceptual and tactical guidance. She starts by putting social and digital technologies into perspective and then guides clients in determining which tools and platforms are the most appropriate, the type and level of involvement that produces the best results, and how to maximize their use and value. Through discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on work sessions, she helps busy professionals climb their digital learning curves efficiently and effectively, in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Services and Fees

Digital coaching can be conducted with any level of organizational leader or senior professionals in organizations, as well as with independent professionals and professionals in transition. It can be provided independently or in conjunction with our Digital Literacy Training services.

One-to-one Digital Coaching is typically provided through a combination of face-to-face, phone, and online meetings, plus email correspondence. The agenda is usually defined by the client, based on his/her goals and objectives and the issues and questions that are most pressing to him or her.

Fees are usually specified in terms of monthly retainers for ongoing advice, counsel and support. Hourly rate arrangements can also be made. Most services can be provided remotely.

Group-based Digital Coaching is typically provided via periodic hour-long sessions with approximately five people. The overall agenda is developed collaboratively with all participants in the first meeting based on their primary interests and concerns and refined during subsequent sessions.

Fees are usually specified in terms of individual and/or group rates based on a pre-determined number of coaching sessions (usually 5 or 10, scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Most services are provided online; however, in-person sessions can also be arranged.

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