Change Management and Communications

One of the key elements of the Denovati Difference is our belief that technology creation, adoption, and adaptation are fundamentally human endeavors. Given that, effective change management and communication are critical to the success of any technology initiative in organizations. Among other things, intended users of new platforms and tools must understand their value, believe in management’s commitment to leveraging them to achieve strategic objectives, have the knowledge and skills to use them effectively, and be properly motivated to change their habits and behaviors.

In many organizations, however, especially those that still operate using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) approach to developing and implementing new systems, greater emphasis and investment are put on the technology solutions themselves than on whether and how people will use them. With specialized systems that have specific users accessing specific features, there is less need to manage change and communications in a broad sense. With systems that are intended to be integrated into an organization’s operations and used by a wide range of individuals with varying levels of understanding, interest and skills, however, not providing adequate support for the necessary transitions leads to sub-optimization or even failure.

We can help you address these challenges and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. Our user-focused approach is both multi-channel and multi-layered, balancing marketing messages with educational content. It is pragmatic and action oriented, and designed to minimize obstacles and resistance.

Services and Fees

Our Change Management and Communication services can be provided either independently or as part of our Social Software services. Working with your internal team, as well as vendors and other service providers, we can take direct responsibility for the change management aspects of systems implementation efforts or offer expert guidance and over-the-shoulder consulting to others with that responsibility.

Key elements of our approach include:

  • Working with an organization, its leaders and staff based on where they are, rather than expecting fundamental cultural shifts that may not be feasible in the short term
  • Developing communication strategies and tactics to be used before, during, and after implementation
  • Balancing the marketing and education aspects of communication
  • Employing carrots and sticks (and cake!) to motivate desired behaviors
  • Making sure users have the skills they need to be successful
  • Helping users change their habits
  • Leveraging power users and other influencers to promote buy-in and engagement
  • Encouraging leaders to support new technologies through their actions, not just their words

In addition to working on specific projects, we can also review and assess general approaches to change management in organizations with multiple change initiatives and provide recommendations for improvement. These assessments focus on clarifying roles and responsibilities and optimizing processes, tools and activities.

Our Change Management and Communication services are customized for each client depending on their starting point, goals and objectives, and the availability and skill levels of both internal and external resources.

Fees are usually specified as fixed rates based on the scope and complexity of the project. Retainers are also available for ongoing advice and counsel. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements; however, most services can be provided remotely.

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