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19 Ways to Create a Mobile Ready Website, eCommerce Business or Mobile App

Did you know that 78 percent of all websites are still not optimized for mobile? recently created an infographic that provides an overview of the best options for creating mobile ready websites, eCommerce businesses and mobile apps. These options can work with a range of individual skill levels and organizational sizes and budgets. The infographic is a handy guide to help people get started and make some quick decisions about how to focus their efforts.

Website Optimization: Testing Tools and Tips

Google's recent algorithm change prioritizes "mobile-friendly" websites. This significant change has been dubbed #mobilegeddon, but it actually may create the incentive some organizations need to enhance their websites. A key part of any enhancement initiative should include website optimization testing, which primarily focuses on evaluating the speed with which specific pages load. This article provides guidance on the main website optimization testing tools and offers recommendations for improving test results.

Selecting Website Themes: A Guiding Framework

This guidance for evaluating website themes divides various factors into three categories: mandatory, important, and optional. Mandatory factors include things like responsive design and developer reputation. Important factors include browser compatibility and certain blog elements. Optional factors include page templates, demo data, and compatibility with common WordPress plugins like WooCommerce.

Website Builder Platforms: Best Options for Small Businesses

The days of having to build a website "brick by brick" (i.e., code it line by line) are long behind us. For small businesses and "single shingle" professionals in particular, who don't have in-house resources and can't afford the time or money for complex development projects, there is a wide range of website builder and hosting options available that can enable them to create or update their site(s) relatively quickly and inexpensively. But not all website builder tools are equally good or appropriate for everyone. This article provides guidance on selecting the best one.

Building Smarter Websites is Easier – and Faster – Than Ever

Does your website look like it was built by Mike Brady and/or styled by Austin Powers? Are you embarrassed to have people visit it? Concerned that the current design and (lack of) functionality may be turning people away? Overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to maintain it, and/or frustrated by having to depend on someone else to make even the most basic changes? The Denovati Group now offers a Website Development and Management service that enables individuals and organizations to build and maintain smarter websites.

Optimizing Blog Posts: 11 Essential Considerations

Optimizing blog posts requires both art and science. This piece supplements the guidance offered in Blogging: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide, covering factors like developing post standards and creating templates, the importance of excerpts and featured images, SEO optimization, promoting reader friendliness and engagement, and more.

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Blogging Guide

This beginner's blogging guide is intended for people who want to incorporate blogs into their organization'€™s digital engagement efforts but aren't sure where or how to begin. Individuals interested in blogging for personal and career management reasons may also find the guide useful. Its primary focus is on external blogs used for marketing, branding, and business development, but the tips related to blogging elements and creating content can apply to internal blogs as well.

Website Upgrades: 5 Essential Considerations

Organizations are increasingly realizing they need to update the look, feel, and functionality of their websites. The process for website upgrades has changed significantly in the past few years. The days of hiring a web developer to “hard code” a site. A better alternative is to go with a platform like, which enables the creation of a sleek, sophisticated site that is both more user friendly and easier to maintain. This article explains why, and offers additional considerations for organizations that want to take a more modern approach to upgrading their websites.

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