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Twitter Misconceptions: 4 Factors Hindering Adoption

In spite of its ubiquity, Twitter remains misunderstood, especially by digital rookies and reluctant adopters. There are four key Twitter misconceptions that seem to be keeping later adopters in particular from opening an account, exploring the possibilities, and giving Twitter a fair shot to demonstrate its value. These misconceptions stem from emotional reactions, misunderstandings, and false assumptions. Additional insights are welcome. (January 27, 2014)

Twitter Changes in 2014: 5 Strategic Cautions

Recent and forthcoming Twitter changes may serve the company's short-term interests, but they may not lay the best foundation for long-term success. This post offers five strategic cautions that remind Twitter to think of itself as a utility rather than a novelty, capitalize on its unique strengths, minimize existing prejudices and points of resistance, and be welcoming to the broadest range of potential users possible. Additional insights are welcome. (January 6, 2014)

Twitter Best Practices: 11+ Tips for Tweeting Well

Targeted primarily to rookies, this guide offers a set of Twitter best practices that helps people maximize their ability to maintain a strong signal/noise ratio and avoid making mistakes that can hurt their individual professional and/or organizational brands. More experienced Tweeters – including mavens – may want to consider the advice and reconsider some of their own Twitter habits as well.

Twitter Hashtags: 7 Tips and a Decision-Making Flowchart

Though Twitter hashtags have been around almost as long as Twitter itself, many people still do not understand what they are – or more importantly, how to use them appropriately. This post offers seven tips - plus a decision-making flowchart - to enable Tweeters to not only avoid looking like a Twitter rube, but to maximize the value of Twitter hashtags for both themselves and others. Additional tips are welcome.

Twitter for Rookies: Simple Guidance for Getting Started

Still not certain whether you should take the Twitter plunge? The best way to determine its value is to give it a try. Focusing on using Twitter professionally rather than personally – including staying current with local, national, and global news – this "Twitter for Rookies" post offers simple best practice suggestions for setting up your profile and getting started. (October 30, 2013)

Twitter for Business: 21+ Tips

Many people still don’t “get” Twitter – especially from a professional perspective – or are uncertain whether there is any value in using it. Many others have set up an account but feel overwhelmed and/or unsure about how to maximize the potential benefits. Still others think they’re using it properly but really don’t know if they are. I recently led a webinar hosted by University of Virginia (UVa) Alumni Career Services that helped these Tweeters and more by sharing 21 best practice suggestions for using Twitter for business. (October 23, 2013)

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