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Digital Rebranding: Logistical and Human Factors

This piece describes and offers tips on some of the logistics associated with digital rebranding – changing websites and emails, moving blogs, rebranding social media identities, and promoting the new identity. It also addresses some of the human factors that can complicate (and potentially derail) a digital rebranding effort. The intent is to offer a general sense of the factors to consider when an organization embarks on its own digital rebranding journey. (June 10, 2014)

Logo Design in the Digital Era: 6 Critical Factors

Logo design in the Digital Era requires attention to a unique set of factors to ensure the logo renders well in a range of applications. These considerations include simple design, strong colors, scalability, complementary fonts, monochromatic renderings, deconstruction and reconfiguration. Additional suggestions are welcome. (December 16, 2013)

Creating a Brand Identity in the Digital Era: 13 Key Factors

In the Digital Era, creating a brand identity for a new enterprise or rebranding an existing organization poses a unique set of challenges. This article suggests 13 key factors that should be considered to maximize the likelihood of success. The factors are derived from the successful and failed (re)branding efforts of others, our own brand management experiences, and lessons learned from a rebranding initiative in early 2013.

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