About Denovati Digital

Denovati Digital enhances the success of individuals and organizations in the Digital Era by providing strategic and tactical solutions and guidance, as well as training and coaching services.

Denovati’s primary brands are SMART Solutions, SMART Learning, and SMART Resources (where SMART = Social Media And Related Technologies).

  • SMART Solutions help individuals and organizations function more efficiently and effectively in the Digital Era through the design and implementation of innovative and leading-edge strategies and programs.
  • SMART Learning services include digital literacy training and other digitally-focused education for individuals and groups, both in person and online, as well as digital coaching.
  • SMART Resources offer in-depth treatment of a variety of topics related to the applications and implications of social and digital technologies. These resources provide both strategic and tactical guidance for individuals and organizations. They include SMART Articles, as well as white papers, guides, research reports, and graphically-oriented pieces that provide at-a-glance information.

The Founder and Principal of Denovati Digital is Courtney Shelton Hunt, a pioneering Digital Era strategist and thought leader, as well as a pragmatic consultant, coach and educator. In addition to providing client services and creating a range of SMART Resources, she shares her expertise via SMART Talks, as well as by authoring articles and responding to interview and insight requests (learn more here).

What does Denovati (day-no-VAH-tee) mean?

It can be translated roughly as follows:

  • DE = Digital Era
  • NOV = short for novani, which is Latin for colonists, immigrants, new residents
  • ATI = those who seek knowledge and/or are in the know

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