Our SMART-est Resources on Digital Transformation

Resources on Digital Transformation

A recent review of Denovati SMART Articles revealed that our most popular content falls into two categories: conceptual and tactical pieces on the digital transformation of organizations, and practical insights and how-to guidance on leveraging social and digital technologies (learn more here). Here are links to our most-read resources on digital transformation.

I love to write conceptual pieces that address the high-level applications and implications of new technologies and are geared toward helping organizational leaders in particular prepare for and navigate Digital Era trends and realities. Although they’re nowhere near as in demand or popular as the more down-to-earth, practical articles I’ve written addressing specific challenges individuals and organizations are facing, I’m pleased that many of these pieces have been so well received.

Three of the most popular digital transformation SMART Articles we’ve published focus on the challenges organizations – and their leaders – face in tackling Digital Era realities head on:

In spite of the significant challenges, there’s also a strong interest in figuring out how to forge a path ahead, as reflected in the popularity of these SMART resources:

People also want to learn more about specific aspects of digital transformation, as evidenced by the interest in these articles:

Finally, there’s Understanding the World Wide Web: A Brief Primer. Interest in this piece underscores the importance of digital literacy to successful digital transformation and highlights how many of us are still trying to wrap our brains around fundamental Digital Era realities.

More Resources on Digital Transformation

You can find more resources on digital transformation and related topics in these SMART Resources sections:

I also invite you to check out the other SMART Resources sections of our website for even more resources designed to help individuals and organizations succeed in the Digital Era. We have lots more content we plan to add, but we’re also open to suggestions. If you have a specific topic, issue or challenge you’d like us to address via a SMART Article, please add a comment below or contact us.

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