19 Ways to Create a Mobile Ready Website, eCommerce Business or Mobile App

Create a Mobile Ready Website

Did you know that 78 percent of all websites are still not optimized for mobile? WebsiteToolTester.com recently created an infographic that provides an overview of the best options for creating mobile ready websites, eCommerce businesses and mobile apps. These options can work with a range of individual skill levels and organizational sizes and budgets. The infographic is a handy guide to help people get started and make some quick decisions about how to focus their efforts.


Just a short while ago, comScore published their U.S. Mobile App Report which stated that over sixty percent of digital media time in the US is now coming from mobile devices.

However, 78 percent of all websites out there are still not optimized for mobile.

Everyone who has ever used a non-optimized website on a mobile device knows how unpleasant the experience can be. In most cases you would not spend long on such a site and you would certainly not buy from such a site if you had a choice.

Tools to Create a Mobile Ready Website

There is no excuse not to be optimized for mobile in today’s marketplace – quite the contrary as Google might even penalize you for not serving mobile users adequately. There are now countless tools available to suit any budget that can do the job for you quickly and easily, and only the most basic skills will be required. Weebly, Jimdo and Squarespace are just a few examples of popular website builders that can be optimized for mobile. Learn more about a few of those in this article.

eCommerce: Ways to Sell Online

If it’s an online store you are after, there are also a large number of online store-builders to choose from. Shopify and Bigcommerce, which specialize in this side of the eCommerce market, are offering easy to build and manage online stores with mobile-optimized responsive web pages. The set up process is very straightforward and importantly, scalable as your business grows. A chart that compares some of the best ecommerce website builders for businesses, both small and large, can be found here.

App Creation without a Programmer

If a mobile ready website alone is not sufficient for your project and a mobile app is what you need, know that there are now providers out there offering mobile app building tools. They operate in a similar way to website and online-store builders in that no coding skills are required. Currently features are limited, but for smaller Android or iOS app projects they can be a viable alternative to hiring an expensive developer.

To learn more about all these options, check out this infographic from WebsiteToolTester. it will give you an overview of the best options for many different kinds of website or app projects:

19 Ways To Create Your Website


Robert BrandlRobert Brandl is the founder of WebsiteToolTester.com, where he and his team have been reviewing website building solutions for beginners since 2009. Recently eCommerce has become another focus area.

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