A Comprehensive Beginner’s Blogging Guide

Beginner's Blogging Guide

This beginner’s blogging guide is intended for people who want to incorporate blogs into their organization’s digital engagement efforts but aren’t sure where or how to begin. Individuals interested in blogging for personal and career management reasons may also find the guide useful. Its primary focus is on external blogs used for marketing, branding, and business development, but the tips related to blogging elements and creating content can apply to internal blogs as well.


The Beginner’s Blogging Guide was updated again in April 2015.


To many professionals blogging is still a foreign concept. Although virtually everyone has read them and some may even comment and subscribe, when it comes to thinking about how to leverage the tool themselves, people often freeze. They feel intimidated because they think their writing skills are not good enough, pressured by the prospect of having to create fresh content on a regular basis, and/or uncertain of how they are going to manage the time commitment.

Cyberspace is full of blogging “best practices,” rules and tips. Many of these guides are great, but they are not necessarily comprehensive and/or designed for people who are just getting started. This blogging guide is intended to fill that void. It is based on my interactions with digital engagement rookies, work with clients, and my own blogging experiences over the past five years. This is the “third edition” of the guide; it was originally published in May 2011, then updated in February 2012.

And sharing it just so happens to be the 100th post on the Denovati SMART Blog!

You can view the blogging guide through the embedded link below or directly via SlideShare.

As always, I welcome feedback. If you disagree with one of my recommendations, have a tip to add, and/or feel something was unclear, please do not hesitate to add a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Great points included in this guide and I especially like the one about oversharing when multiple people from your site share the same content throughout the social media channels. I also want to contribute to your guide by letting your readers know about our free step by step blogging videos at http://firstsiteguide.com/videos/. Enjoy!

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