9 thoughts on “Social Media Ownership: Recommendations for Employers

  1. What do you recommend if the employee who was responsible for keeping the social media websites up to date quit and has changed all the passwords and email address to these sites so the owner no longer has access?

    • That’s a tough one. The point of my article is to prevent that exact thing from happening! Individuals and organizations have ended up in court over issues like this.

      If you work for Company X and a given presence is clearly branded as Company X, you should be able to get your attorney to send a letter to the former employee asking for the login credentials and/or other access (assuming the person hasn’t responded to your direct requests). If they don’t want to be sued, they’ll eventually back down.

      Unfortunately if a presence is not clearly branded as Company X, you’ll have a tougher time prevailing. An example would be if Company X is in the plastics industry and a social media presence is called something like Plastics Industry Pros.

      Going forward, you’ll want to make sure that every social media presence has multiple admins and/or is attached to a company-based (vs. individual) email identity.

      Good luck!

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