3 thoughts on “Authenticity and Trust on the Web: The Importance of Being Genuine

  1. Your story reminds me of idea of “life as a theater” in communication theory. In the workplace, what we show to many people is our “on stage” presence. What we want to appear to be. Over time while working with folks in a position, we might come to see into more intimate aspects of who they are. We might not develop this intimacy with everyone. It sounds to me like your friend shares authentically with you but online she is paying “lip service” probably for political reasons. The Web as PR, marketing is full of this kind of posturing. Since I know many people in PR, this isn’t surprising to me. But you are right, it is jarring. And it would shake my trust in the individual as well,

    • Thanks for making the link to “life as a theatre”, Sally. It’s helpful and my hope that this type of posturing will disappear over time or at least become less prevalent because of the transparency online.

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