10 thoughts on “Social Media Engagement: 9 Reasons Why Less is More

  1. Hurray for common sense. I personally think that blogging every day is ridiculous and disagree with digital pros who think you need to send your audience an email every day. Less is more!

    • It’s crazy isn’t it, Simone? I remember when I first started blogging the prevailing “wisdom” was to try to blog several times a day. That might work for some bloggers, but it’s terrible advice (not to mention virtually impossible) for most professional blogs, especially those with a BtoB focus. Right now, because we’re moving content from our old blog, I’m adding 2-3 posts/week, but once that’s done I think 1-2 posts/week is plenty! And we only send out an email blast once a month. I want our content to be viewed as valuable signal, not unnecessary noise!

  2. Consistent with our “less is more” philosophy, earlier this week we deleted our accounts on Tumblr, Storify, and Instagram. It’s both a relief and a let down. We enjoyed our time on Storify, and I personally loved Tumblr, but we never got enough return on our efforts to justify our ongoing engagement.

    What platforms have you or your organization had to give up on and let go of? Which ones might it be time for you to say good-bye to?

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