Your Success is Our Goal

  • Maximize the benefits of leveraging social and digital technologies while minimizing the associated risks
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital engagement and transformation efforts
  • Enhance the likelihood of success in achieving goals and objectives
  • Save time and money over the long term

digital expertise

The Denovati Group enhances the success of individuals and organizations in the Digital Era through thought leadership and guidance, research, and consulting and training services. We also facilitate the sharing of information and best practices through an active digital network, including a LinkedIn group of like-minded professionals. Our primary brands are:

SMART Solutions

Our SMART Solutions help individuals and organizations function more effectively in the Digital Era through the design and implementation of innovative and leading-edge strategies and programs.

SMART Resources

SMART Resources offer in-depth treatment of conceptual and tactical topics through SMART Articles, as well as white papers, research reports, and graphically-oriented pieces that provide at-a-glance information.

SMART Learning

SMART Learning services include digital literacy training and other digitally-focused education for individuals and groups, as well as digital coaching. Both standard and customized programs are available.

SMART = Social Media And Related Technologies

Denovati’s Founder and Principal, Courtney Shelton Hunt, also shares her expertise via SMART Talks, by authoring articles for other publications, and responding to interview and insight requests from journalists, researchers, bloggers, and other content creators (learn more here).

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What does Denovati (day-no-VAH-tee) mean?

It can be translated roughly as follows:

  • DE = Digital Era
  • NOV = short for novani, Latin for colonists, immigrants, new residents
  • ATI = those who seek knowledge and/or are in the know

Put another way:

The Denovati are Digital Era explorers, pathfinders and pioneers who seek to understand and effectively leverage social and digital technologies.

Recent Denovati Group News

  • Today is Denovati’s 7th B’Anniversary!

    Today is Denovati’s 7th B’Anniversary!

    The Denovati Group unofficially began with the establishment of a LinkedIn group on May 21, 2009 and was officially branded Denovati on May 21, 2013. The journey over the past seven years has been interesting, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, but I’ve never lost sight of the importance of helping individuals and organizations understand and adapt to Digital Era realities. Here’s to the next seven years…