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Following and engaging with The Denovati Group enables individuals and organizations to:

  • Maximize the benefits of leveraging social and digital technologies, while minimizing the risks
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital engagement
  • Enhance their success in achieving goals and objectives
  • Save time and money over the long term
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SMART Solutions

Our SMART Solutions help individuals and organizations function more effectively in the Digital Era through the design and implementation of innovative and leading-edge strategies and programs.

SMART Resources

SMART Resources offer in-depth treatment of conceptual and tactical topics through the SMART Blog, as well as white papers, (e)books, and research reports, and graphically-oriented pieces that provide at-a-glance information.

SMART Courses

SMART Courses provide digital literacy training through an online platform that offers the benefits of text-based books, video tutorials, self-paced learning, and group-based instructor-led coaching in a single package.

SMART = Social Media And Related Technologies

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What does Denovati (day-no-VAH-tee) mean?

It can be translated roughly as follows:

  • DE = Digital Era
  • NOV = short for novani, Latin for colonists, immigrants, new residents
  • ATI = those who seek knowledge and/or are in the know

Put another way:

The Denovati are Digital Era explorers, pathfinders and pioneers who seek to understand and effectively leverage social and digital technologies.

Recent Denovati Group News

  • Our Social Media and Digital Technology LinkedIn Group

    Our Social Media and Digital Technology LinkedIn Group

    Denovati's Social Media and Digital Technology LinkedIn group provides a forum for exploring individual, organizational, social and economic implications of digital technology, including social software, mobile, data/analytics, and cloud computing. The emphasis is on the intersection of people and technology, including communication, collaboration, human capital management, learning, change, etc. (November 17, 2014)

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